Complete Cob workshop! 
Prindi leht  

We will build small cob and bale-cob cottage with Rumford fire place on the piece of land by the lake and woods. The climate in Latvia is damp in autumn and quite cold in winter. Drops down
below -25 C sometimes. The cottage must be nice and warm.

You will learn during practical sessions :
How to find the right soil for cob and make cob mixes.
Cob and bale-cob building techniques.
Earth plasters.
How to build Rumford fire places.
Passive solar planning. Site designing.
Silent mixing and building sessions.
Cob furniture (arches, shelves, nishes)

You will learn theoretically and get a chance to test :
How to dig trenches for foundations, make drainage and build foundations
How to make the earth floor, mixes and plaster applying techniques.
Woodwork and roofing. Green roof.

Location: country Latvia, closest town Cesis. There is a lake where you can swim and fish. And big woodland for walks.

Workshop time: 11.-19. July 2011
Instructors: Jaanus Viese with the assistance of Latvian Natural Building Enthusiasts
Price: 450EUR, including food (if registered in May and payed first deposit, then 425EUR. Ask other discounts)
Accomodation: camping.
Food: included in price.
Registration: Kristine Millere, E-Mail: