Jaanus Viese 
Prindi leht  

Workshop Instructor Jaanus Viese has run natural building courses since
year 2004. During courses we have build small structures and also a bigger cottage or small house. All the shelters walls we have build are curved. Jaanus has more experience
with cob, bale-cob, rocket stoves and heated massive benches (could be
also wall, clay-floor). He has run more than dozen cob-oven and rocket stove courses and many long cob home course. Courses are practical with short theory
sessions. Cold climate like Estonia has, we prefer to use for outside walls
bale-cob method. Strawbales are outside on edge and bales joints are
filled with cob (without cold-bridge). Cob is build inside against the
outside bales. This hybrid method wall accumulate more heat inside
than ordinal strawbale wall. Also it is very artistic, with cob we sculpt
nishes, arches, furniture. We have used also cordwood method with
Last years Jaanus has worked a lot with rocket stoves and heated benches. He uses curved hand-pressed "raw" clay-sand bricks (like adobe) in big rounded rocket stoves. Jaanus also has supplemented rocket stove with  up-to-date glass stove-door.
Usually long cob home workshops are six or seven days, rocket stove workshops 3-4 day and pizza-oven workshops 2-3 days. It is just enough time to get some practical results - walls, small cottage, heated bench etc. Jaanus experience shows that natural building is directly connected to our inner growing. It is one way to show others our soul beauty and awareness. During long workshops people start to create magical forms.
Jaanus is thankful that he has learned natural building from :
*Ianto and Linda Evans (cob, bale-cob and rocket stove)
*Bill and Athena Steen (plastering and clay floors)
*Frank Thomas (basic of strawbale)

Jaanus has also academical background- He studied Environment sience in Tallinn University and oven building at Tallinn Builders School. Jaanus is also studied in Ecovillage Design Education programme and has First Permaculture certificate.