Natural building camp for youth (18-25 years) 
Prindi leht  

This will be week, where you enjoy:

*creating with natural building materials,
*beeing in close to wild nature,
*silimilar interest companions,
*DIY and less consumption,
*simple methods for building home with clay, sand and straw.

Natural building camp will take place in the valley of Piusa river, in village called Tuderna. This place is located in South Estonia, 28km from town Võru. This is the (in Estonian language means "roots") growing center of natural lifestyle and sustainability. Here you will find different natural building examples - cob, log and strawbale buildings, clay oven, curved heated benches, rocket stoves. The camp will take place in the old farm place, where one side you can find bracing river Piusa and another side is wild pine forest.

The rhythm of the typical camp day consists:
*morning exercises for physical body (example Yoga, bathe in the cold river, exercises etc.)
*clay and cob building (in the morning 3h and afternoon 4h)
- making cob mixes,
- sculpting cob wall and heated bench,
- building with cob arches and niches
- mixing clay plaster with local clay
- plastering walls
- during mixing sessions (with foot) we will use musical instruments and silent sessions
- introducing natural building technology examples that have already done
*additionally possibility to try mowing with light scythes(smith made) and to get ideas from small permaculture garden we have
*leisure time and rest (noon 2h and evenings)
*we feed our body with tasty vegetarian food(morning light meal, lunch and dinner)
food preparation and camp clean up (we organize shifts, everybody can give effort 1-2 time)
*in the evening fire, sauna and possibility together create entertainment

During camp we will continue the building of curved cob-strawbale house (look photo). This house will be guest and children house or just good example how to build with community. The outside walls are partly built but there is need for finishing the walls. The inner part of outside wall and heated cob bench inside the house needs sculpting. Mainly we use local clay, sand and straw, also wood. So far the building process has taken 21 days totally, average helpers and builders number has been approximately 12 people per day.
The outside walls are made with three different techniques:
1) Classical strawbale method without wood construction,
2) Bale-cob method where bales are outside the wall and cob inside the wall.
3) The cob and cordwood method.

Until the 2013 year the costs of materials for this house are about 500 EUR, this is without the roof construction. The total inside area is about 38m2.

The fee is 150EUR, this consist vegetarian food, teaching process and using the sauna.

Dates: Starts on 25-th June 2013, 7 pm. Starts with dinner and intoduction at 8.30 pm. For first evening everybody will bring some food to share with others.

The camp ends 2-th July 2013 at 1pm.

For registration send E-Mail (name, E-mail, age, why you want to participate?) Info E-mail or telephone +372 56 988 101(Pille), +372 56 505 915(Jaanus).
Instructor: The main instructor Jaanus Viese.
Take with you
: tent and sleeping facilities. Rubber boots or boots for foot mixing (we do it with bare foot but when day is not so warm then you need boots. Bring your cap, porridge bowl, spoon. Musical instrument is welcome!
Language: The main language is body language but also Estonian and English.
Organizer: NGO Savimaja
Transport: Tuderna village is 28km from Võru and 45km from Põlva. Tartu is 94km.Train station Piusa is 3,7km.